Friday, August 12, 2011

Made with Cocoa & Love

well..i decided to created this album just to share any picture taken along the way in building my,i mean me and my beloved husband of course, our very own House of chocolate, will update picture from time to time as order goes on.. so again ladies..enjoy and feel free drop an email or SMS if u got any que pop in mind. xOxO .

First Cookies!!
 Ingredient : cocoa & love xOxO

Trial fondant cake !

Jar in a Box!

My first cupcake fondant :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


again i've become like a lil gal with clay dough!!! having so much fun doing this!! enjoy ladies, as usual if u have any, i mean anything to ask, feel free drop by an email! Sms will do to!

Price As Below;

Butter Cream Frosting   ( 2oz ) start from RM 55/25 pcs

Fondant Toppers ( 2oz) start from RM60/25 pcs

Elmo / Cookie Monster ( 2oz) start from RM57/25 pcs

Sports Theme ( 2oz) start from RM57/25 pcs

Garden Theme ( 2oz) start from RM57/25 pcs

Red Velvet ( 2oz) start from RM60/25 pcs

Fondant Cupcakes

Buttercream Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Red Velvet with Fondant Toppers
Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting!

Fondant Cup cakes
Elmo Cup Cakes

Sports Theme Cup Cakes

Buttercream Frosting Cup Cakes

Butter Cream Cupcakes

Rosses & Love Fondant CupCakes

Fondant Cup Cakes

Cookie Monster

Garden Theme Cup Cakes

Butter Cream Cupcake

Fondant Cupcakes
Butter Cream Cupcake

Butter Cream Cupcake

Butter Cream Cupcake

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oreo Choc

 Basically its Oreo, Yes Oreo!

well still practicing the deco, for the time being pls do enjoy dis one!


Lovy lovy :)

Pilih Tema Warna

Feel free to drop an email or Sms us!

Made with Cocoa & Love


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Custom made chocolate Wrapper!!

They are just CUTE !!! i just cant stop smiling while packing it!! well ladies..what if your name written on it?? owwwwh.....sweet.. or maybe your picture?? :)

 yes...made from House of Chocolate!
 Another design for lil loose choc wt customize wrapper!!

In the House again!!

Raya..? :)

something for your love one?

Perhaps for your wedding too!
Price for each depend to size & flavour
hope u like it!

Email or Sms us for more info !